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Brandforce is one of Northern Europe’s biggest and most experienced operators within license production and distribution of the market’s best known and most popular original brands in footwear and fashion clothing. Want to successfully offer fashionable and original designer labels to your customers? Brandforce offers you fast, direct and easy access to a large inventory and a beautiful showroom with a wealth of up-to-date footwear and clothing merchandise from today’s top brand names.

Access to well known brands

We always have the latest in polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatsuits, jeans, socks and underwear in our own Brands - Pringle, REDGREEN SPORTSWEAR, MELKA, Foot Warmers, Vinson. 

Welcome to BRANDFORCE – we look forward to showing you our large selection


The story of a solid foundation

BRANDFORCE was founded in 2000 by managing director Heine Østergaard, who sought to establish a network of professional buyers, innovative manufacturers and effective partners with a keen eye for spotting today’s trends in the market for footwear and fashion clothing. 

Since then, the company’s success and significance on the market has grown, and since 2002 we have been greeting customers and business partners at our modern facilities in Svenstrup, close to Aalborg. 

With 16 service-minded and experienced staff members – as well as an always up-to-date inventory and well-furnished showroom – BRANDFORCE offers customers and partners fast and direct access to a large assortment of the newest trends within footwear and fashion clothing.


Your reliable partner

Our inventory, service and logistics facilities enable us to satisfy any special requests you may have with regard to the packing and labelling of your goods. All our merchandise is approved by leading legal experts and may be sold in the EU – and BRANDFORCE always guarantees 100% authenticity. 

BRANDFORCE is a financially strong company, which provides a good basis for serious, long-term collaboration. We have an AAA internationally recognised rating for credit worthiness and financial capacity.

Welcome to BRANDFORCE Fashion – we look forward to showing you our large assortment and many great deals!

Brands owned by brandforce

The brand Foot Warmers is established in the year 2010. The Foot Warmers thermo socks will keep your feet warm and they feel so pleasant and soft that you‘ll never wish to take them off again. The socks will secure support, comfort and an optimal fit for sport, leisure and domestic comfort. They are available in various sizes and fits – both for children and adults. The models are available both with and without the advanced non-skid ABS technology that makes them well suited for indoor activities. The Foot Warmers socks are tested and the results are marvelous – Foot Warmers socks are more than 3 times warmer than regular cotton socks.

Careza is fashionable fitness and running sportswear which is designed with focus on energizing colours, functionality and comfort during your work out or running session.

No matter if you are in the gym, out running or being sporty in the outdoor, you will be amazed by Careza Sportswear, which will help you sharpen your look while working hard on your goals and keeping the right spirit of training in mind.

The Brand Vinson is another initiative of BRANDFORCE - it has been registered since 1971 and has been delivering high quality clothing products ever since. Vinson wants to deliver high quality to reasonable prices and make all kind of clothing from underwear to outerwear.

Brandforce is well-known for manufactoring menswear og sportswear. The sportswear is inspired by the Vinson mountain. You go to the Vinson mountain to find a beautifull and peacefull place where trekking an unbelieveable experiences are an everyday happening. This mountain every year challenge people around the world. 

Brands - Distribution / licenses

Ed Hardy is authentic clothing, which represent a cool and rough attitude and lifestyle. The brand and its styles are inspired by the artwork of the tattoo legend Don Ed Hardy, who has been a pioneer within the tattoo artistic world.

The Ed Hardy brand is well-known world-wide and with its very recognisable clothing and accessories for both men and women, it has become a much loved brand among celebrities as well. fast and easy delivery and absolute high quality – at prices that allow you to be more competitive while increasing earnings. 

Transforming the design core of REDGREEN into a sportswear collection for men and women, the redgreen universe is extended to the moments of life when leisurewear is called for.

While the collection is linked by design and fashion references to redgreen´s maritime history, Redgreen sportswear is not made exclusively for a maritime lifestyle per se, but can be worn, enjoyed and experienced by anyone who loves the freedom of life outdoors.

In the design process, care is taken to ensure optimal fit and wear, making each individual style a special treat and an extension of the experience of outdoor sports, activities or leisure.

For over fifty years Melka has been focusing on designing clothes in a high quality and with a great fit. From jackets to underwear, the Melka collections always aim to have full attention to the design, details and a perfect fit, so we can guarentee an impeccable outfit.

Melka is all about taking care of old Swedish heritage and we hope our customers want to embrace the heritage of Melka as well.

Umbro is a well-known international brand within the sportswear and football equipment industry. The brand combines its heritage in sports tailoring with modern football culture to create iconic sportswear and football clothing.

The company was founded by Harold Humphreys, along with his brother Wallace in a small workshop in Wilmslow, Cheshire, inspired by the growing interest in football witnessed nationwide. The name “Umbro” is a quasi-portmanteau inspired from Humphreys Brothers Clothing.


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